New Light Institute is among the few institutes countrywide that has revived the education market and given it completely a new facade. New Light Institute has taken an extended leap in grabbing the exceptional opportunities that are present in Education and Training. If New Light Institute is at the zenith, it is simply because of the hard slog, authenticity, strong planning and benedictions of almighty.

Preparing for a medical career is an important prerequisite for ultimately paving a road to stupendous success. This opportunity is best provided by New Light Institute, the renowned and leading institute for Medical Entrance Exams. The institute strives to provide a suitable platform for imparting the best and qualitative academic training to the diligent students. It has strong guiding principles and deeply believes in result oriented training. Our years of experience and practical expertise totally equip the students to meet the tough challenges of the medical career.

New Light Institute provides the students with vibrant intellectual environment where they attain the educational experience and skills required to pursue their dreams. The curriculum is extensively designed in such a manner that each student is practically exposed to key learning. Relevant and appropriate study material is provided so that the student can excel in the entrance exam.

The hidden abilities and talents are discovered and adequately promoted to help the aspirants to meet success.Besides academic excellence New Light Institute ingrains strong ethical values which actually form the base of a medical profession. Our institute also inculcates self confidence and interpersonal communication skills which are so essential to maintain that fine balance between conscience and ambition.

Latest News

5th March Crash batch
12th March FC batch ( 11th foundation)
12th March FT batch ( 12th foundation batch)
12th march Regular batch ( target batch, 12th passed out)
Admissions open for Crash Batch and 2019-20 Batches.
Important dates for AIIMS 2019 are as follows:
Correction window for applications not accepted 8th- 18th January 2019
Final status (Accepted & Rejected) 22nd January 2019
Uploading of Prospectus 29th January 2019
Generation of Code for Final Registration 29th January 2019- 17th February 2019
Final Registration 21st February 2019 – 12th March 2019
Admit Cards on AIIMS website 15th May 2019
Exam Dates 25th May 2019 & 26th May 2019


Gantesh yadav (AIR-32)

I, Gantesh Yadav did my preparation for PMT from New Light Coaching Classes, LKO. My journey through NLCC revealed to me the secret of cracking the medical entrance exam. AIPMT- 2014 and enabled me to secure 32nd OBC rank in AIPMT-2014 The classroom teaching, course material provided and & guided me toward being crystal clear about concepts and helped me to identify my doubts, so I could work on them and vanish my doubts.
If someone needs advice for medical coaching then I would say that NLCC is the best. The test series provide a good competitive feel & the teachers always cleared my doubts in problem class. All the faculty members are skilled in their respective subjects. I respectfully thank Singh Sir, for all academic support. He attended me to make me successful & achieve my dreams.

Adarsh yadav (AIR-390)

I did my preparation for PMT from new light institute Kanpur. I could not have achieved what I have without the quality education proper guidance and immense support provide by sp singh sir whenever I went through o touch phase this unique learning atmosphere helped me a lot.
The test and discussion help me to remove my doubts, and felt the final examination I am highly grateful to the final examination I am highly grateful to the entire NLCC family especially to Singh Sir for helping me get a good rank in BHU, AIPMT, and CPMT exams.

Abu asim (AIR-519)

I attend class room preparation for pmt at New Light Institute. The classes were very beneficial & has contributed in no small measure to my success in no small measure to my success in AIPMT and AIIMS . Entrance test . I achieved AIPMT and AIIMS. Entrance I achieve AIPMT ranks (AIR-239) and AIIMS (AIR 519). The regular classes are excellent and comprehensive study material rigorous testing and assessment special focus on NCERT books, topic wise test after completion of syllabus followed by revision lecture has not only helped in developing and clearing my concept but also made me confident at the examination hall. New light has excellent faculty in all three subject creating the superb balance in our preparation. Above all s,p singh sir has not only been an excellent teachers but also our friends 4 mentor for me many thanks to all my teacher all nice.

Ayushi chhaparia (AIR-505)

I would like to thank New Light for the role it played in encouraging and motivating me to follow my dreams of becoming a doctor in one of the Top Medical Colleges of U.P. (GSVM). I was Foundation Batch Student XI & XII for two years. With whole hearted support and constant guidance in XI & XII. I was able to focus on course (both on school level & competitive level) and test series and achieve rank 68.
The flexibility and resources in terms of faculty and lecturers is unparalleled. I thank the entire teaching faculty for always being accessible and going out of their way to help me academically.
A special thanks to Singh Sir for being my teacher and having faith in me. So I could realize my true potential and work toward my dream. Getting admission in Medical College and clearing class XII in first year of my preparation was a passionate dream that I could achieve. Once again a Big Thank to Singh Sir.


New Light Institute has employed skilled and totally dedicated teachers who are totally committed to impart the best of training for the Medical entrance exam. Highly qualified teachers have designed courses which are concluded in stipulated time to the satisfaction of the students. Ample time is given for making revisions, and resolving queries. Regular exams and interactive discussions are conducted in order to eliminate any doubts and misconceptions. Lot of stress is given to regular attendance and weekly performance. Regular attendance report and performance chart is mailed for reference of parents. A healthy spirit of competition is encouraged so that the student works hard and performs to the best of his ability. Online tests and score reporting through SMS or Email are done so that precious time of the student is saved. The Institute is well equipped with a library, so that the student can consult books for further reference.